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March 2007

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MACH ONE-The Early Days show

Village Voice
Village Voice review of SHE WOLVES/MACH ONE
Bludgeoning Riffola, Suitable For When Fucking the World
She Wolves's Mach One: The Early Days

by George Smith

The cover art for the She Wolves' Mach One a chick in thigh-high boots regarded from the waist down—capably tips off consumers to the exciting, get-hard punk-rock noise waiting inside. With Donna She Wolf (late of Cycle Sluts From Hell) on guitar and vocals, the band's forte is bludgeoning riffola that's often knuckledragging and provocative, as on "Art of War," with its shouts of "Undefeatable! Undefeatable!" Achieving density somewhere between Budgie and Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, the She Wolves are in a pretty good place if you desire equal portions of catchy tunes and heavy rock. Bonus points accrue when the band backs the mighty Syl Sylvain on a wall-of-sound take on "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"; at song's end is a clip of Joey Ramone fondly musing about seeing Syl's New York Dolls at the Mercer Arts Center. In the flesh, Jayne County also makes an appearance here, startlingly effective on a cover of "California Alles." "Fuck the world/Call some whores/We're gonna have some fun!" Donna declares. Who would beg to differ?

December 2005

New CD Release and West Coast Tour 2005

2005 ends on a high note for Shw Wolves, concluding with a West Coast tour. Some highlights of that(other than great weather) were a return to Crazy Craigs Super Sunday Show at Craig is a first-rate host and funny as hell. Once again it was an incredibly entertaining show and was a great time. Another place revisited was the Anarchy Library were She Wolves got to reconvene with Migster whose incredible photos can be seen on this website (one of Mig's pics of She Wolves from last year's Anarchy Library gig can be seen inside the new She Wolves CD, "13 Deadly Sins" which was produced by Paul Ena Kostabi & is available on this website). The Anarchy Library staff and crowd were as awesome and welcoming as ever. In the audience were some great friends, fabulous bassist and artist Laurie Es was there with the dashing Robert, the lovely Shannon Black was also in attendance as well as the matchless guitar monster, Tom 5 (that's matchless as in exceptional, ya fools).

On this tour there was also an auspicious encounter with Philthy Animal Taylor who happened to be with his guitar player Whitey Kirst. It's been many moons since Philthy Taylor & Donna She Wolf had their last tango through 11 countries in Europe. The exact year was no one can fuckin remember but it was Motorhead's tour for "1916" (a year everyone can remember, thanks to that excellent CD). Donna She Wolf's former band Cycle Sluts From Hell, had the opening slot for the "1916" European tour, an enviable and unforgettable privilege. Neither Philthy nor Donna look worse for wear after all these years, just check out the "then & now" shot (it's not retouched, ya cynics). Philthy and Whitey let She Wolves hear some tracks made by their new band The Web of Spider. The sound is heavy and the songs kick ass. It's fuckin' excellent and we really look forward to them coming and playing on this coast soon.

Some other stories during She Wolves travels: So they loaded up the van and drove to Beverly...Hills, that is. To play The Joint on Happenin' Harry's night. There was a star-studded audience that included Andrea (Big Mamma Freak), Blare Bitch, Punky, bassist Johnny Black, Dave Rosner (prominent chef/surfer/international man of mystery) along with his buddy Tom, as well as many of those aforementioned. Harry was quite the emcee and regaled all with numerous tunes...even gave the band sandwiches for the ride back. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the fine people at Broken Art Tattoo invited She Wolves and Tom 5's band, Rat Salad to play their shop the following night. First of all, artist Jeremy Swan is a fuckin' genius. The most amazing images can be seen on the walls of Broken Art

Tattoo as well as in the audience, since several members were his well-adorned clients. Jeremy and his beautiful wife Vanessa put together a really special, wonderful night, conjuring up yet another long lost good friend, Ivan de Prume, Ivan is now in the band Healer (Ivan was formerly in White Zombie). The exquisite and talented Texas Terri was also at that event. Needless to say Rat Salad were beyond amazing. The whole evening was pure magic.

She Wolves headed next to San Francisco to play the B-Day bash at Pound SF for Reality Check TV celeb D-D-D-Danny Shipman. Danny and a few of the RCTN gang came the night before his party to the Phoenix Hotel in the Tenderloin District for a meet & greet. After knocking back a few brews Danny did an interview with She Wolves and then everyone kicked back in the hotel room to watch the latest episode of Reality Check TV, a great show. Danny's bash was beyond compare. She Wolves dished out a sonically brutal set, filling the esteemed support slot for Thor!!! There was some tremendous metalocity going on in the venue that night. They don't call it POUND SF for nothing.

Another terrific thing about playing SF is that we got to see our newly re-located friend, the much revered bass deity, Laurie from Devil Kit. She and another low-string goddess, Lizzie Boredom formerly of Lady Unluck and now in Fabulous Disaster, have switched coasts leaving NYC friends and fans pine for them both. From SF She Wolves returned to LA to hang out some more, then flew back to JFK where they were picked up and returned to their dens by the brilliant and gallant videographer, Martin Regines. Thanks Martin! After living large on the west coast it seemed only natural for She Wolves to return to New York Shitty and play a gig smack in the middle of an MTA strike. And as Lady Unluck would say, "Fuck The MTA" cause it was a great night in spite of all the chaotically orchestrated and over hyped adversity. Those who were hearty and defiant enough to brave the mass transit-free night lucked out. Hellblock 6 (from Pennsyvania), She Wolves and Atomic #76 all played the club Lit at optimum wattage. If you want to experience something similar, you better show up on January 12th at Scenic, 25 Ave B for KNUCKLEDUSTER NIGHT!!! All 3 bands are together again on the bill and they will be launching KNUCKLEDUSTER's debut night, lauding all heavydom, sinful and glorious.

Last but not least She Wolves 13 song CD: "13 Deadly Sins" produced by Paul Ena Kostabi is NOW available. The first run is a limited edition of only 100 and they're running out quick. Get yours while supplies last!!!

September 2005

She Wolves are finishing up their new 13 song CD with producer Paul Kostabi. It will be released sometime during the Scorpio season. Check back for details for the release bash. She Wolves will also be touring the Left Coast again in December. She Wolves currently can be seen on the DVD "Help Heal Heidi" which took place at Arlene's in the winter of 2005. It also features Bobby Steele, Tripwave, The Hooligans, The Blame, The Scared Stiffs, & Lady Unluck. For more information contact

There was a hell of a show at Bowery Ballroom this month when She Wolves attended the Atomic Bitchwax/Moistboyz show. Check out the gallery for pics from that momentous evening.

July 2005

Arlene's Grocery 7/10/05

The CODEPINK BENEFIT was a tremendous success. We had a huge turnout and all the bands were fantastic. Money and awareness were raised and a great time was had by all! For those who don't know yet, CODEPINK is a women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action. NYC's Fiercest females (along with some very cool guys) got together to support this very necessary & noble cause. Thank you to all who attended,all who performed,volunteered, and donated their valuable time and energies to make this night one of the best ones on the L.E.S. this summer.

BIG THANKS to: Stark, Courtney Lee Adams Jr., Devil Kit, She Wolves, I.C.U., Grounded, Lady Unluck (who unfortunately had to cancel but were still a great help in putting this together) and an enormous debt of gratitude must go to Rain of Kings who filled in at the eleventh hour and brought the house down. Kudos to the extraordinary women of CODEPINK for all that they stand for and all that they do. It's no coincidence that Medea Benjamin is among the 1,000 women collectively nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Check out their website & be sure to sign up for the Action Alerts!

Codepink benefit photos - click HERE

April 2005

Bitch Night Rebooted !
Wednesday, April 15 at Don Hills'
[ pictures ]

This was Steve Blush's first Bitch Night in about 6 months and he did it in grand style - by inviting She Wolves to perform and having Rock / Horror / Fashion Diva Icon Kembra Pfahler host the night ! - Steve , you really know how to pick 'em !

She Wolves pounded the stage with their usual ferocity to great response from an instantly appearing crowd.Then, got a little help from Cycle Slut Raf who sang " Wish You Were A Beer " like she meant it ! Watch out posers !

Then for a finale Kembra lead the wolf crew in a terrorizing version of the Germs classic(k) " Manimal " ! I think they out Germed the Germs on this one ! They finished the set with a rowdy reworking of The Misfits classic " Where Eagle Dare " ( or should it be Where She Wolves Dare ?) to much cheering from the rowdy onlookers. The Bitch Band rocked on as Brucifer, Tommy U.S.A., and the always rockin' Thommy Price wailed out the tunes for a bevy of beauties Rolan Bolan jumped onstage to sing a chorus or two of T Rex's " Baby Strange ". Steve Blush spun some great music to close out a great Bitch event ! Thanks Steve and all who came out to rock for a great night !

She Wolves, Chelsea Smiles, and New York Dolls !!!
Irving Plaza 4/30/05
[ pictures ]

The Rain didn't keep anyone away as She Wolves started the evening off in raw rocking style! The air was supercharged with excitement and anticipation and the rowdy reaction was very encouraging.

Jayne County, Billy Squier, and Lydia "Beth" Criss shouted with the rest of the crowd as the band played on. The Irving Plaza stage was a blast to play on and the night left us feeling like we had been on tour with these guys all along - a taste of "the big time " !

Chelsea Smiles were next on the bill - featuring Todd Youth ( Murphy's Law, D Generation, Danzig, Motorhead, etc ) and Christian Black( another Dee Dee Ramone alumni ), both on Guitar on Vocals. They ran through their hard edged pop set. Johnny Martin (Bass and Vox ) and Karl Rosqvist ( Drums ), nailed down the rhythm. A tight unit, we saw them rock out at The Delancey the following night.

The New York Dolls took the stage to great cheers and proceeded to tear the place apart with classics like Jet Boy, Frankenstein, and Lookin' For A Kiss.

David Johansen commanded the stage, flanked by the charismatic Sylvain Sylvain, and Steve Conte wailing out in all their glory. Sami Yaffa was the glue that held it all together ( he stepped out nicely on Private World ), with Brain Delaney on Drums, and Brian Koonin on Keys - " our music teacher " as David referred to him. The new Sam Yaffa / David Johansen collaboration " We're All In Love " went over well all three nights at Irving Plaza - a nice update of The Dolls stylistic sound. The encore was a spirited version of "I'm a fucking human fucking jukebox Human Being. "

After the show we got to mingle with the band upstairs and were made to feel very welcome by The Dolls and their entourage. Anyone left standing after this retired to Otto's Shrunken Head and Mickey's Blue Room for a double afterparty! Whew, what a rocking New York night ! Special thanks to New York Dolls, Irving Plaza ( sound crew epecially made it easy on stage ), all who came to see us ( and especially everyone who bought merch ! ), and our super crew that night Love Pirate Marty Lowe, and Laurie Devil Kit !

Liz from Lady Unluck graced the merch table and made everyone want to take a piece of us home ! See you next time New York Dolls ... and Irving Plaza !

February 2005

She Wolves return home in the dead of winter for two hot & heavy gigs at Arlene's Grocery with Public Offenders and at CBGB with Tuff Darts, Charm School, The Basicks, Johnny Black Band and more...thanks to all who attended. Public apologies for slacking on the website, more updates will be added regularly. You can always find out She Wolves dates and other info also at She Wolves have Shirts on sale now!!! Go to the Merchandise page and buy one!
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January 2005

Always suckers for madcap drama, She Wolves booked their cross country flight smack in the middle of an impending Nor'easterner (hate that stupid word). After waking 5 a.m., sleeping on putrid JFK carpet and partaking in crappy overpriced JFK food, they finally petition the Almighty Rock Gods for a standby flight...and actually get one! Avoiding the hell of being stuck in a closed airport, She Wolves escape by the skin of their nubby fangs, jetting defiantly through a treacherous blizzard vortex into sunny LA. Once there, they were hosted by the enchanting and incredibly hospitable Laurie Es for the duration of a most excellent and triumphant stay. All the while, pounding out four bone-crushing, ear-splitting, mind-damaging and possibly enjoyable gigs. First stop, She Wolves invade KNAC studios as guests on Crazy Craig's online radio show. Craig asked the brutal questions, endured the embarassing answers, spun the punishing tunes and regaled She Wolves, Laurie Es and all listening in with shockingly authentic pirate-speak and some hilarious tales (of yore). Ya shoulda been there matey, twas a friggin' blast!

Next up, a night of music and mayhem at big, red and gorgeous King King (a really nice, classy joint) The mesmerizing and lovely Annathena DJ'd while many old friends showed up to say "Hi". Towards the end of the set She Wolves were joined onstage by none other than Angel Rot's Tom 5 for blazing renditions of Children Of The Grave, Jungle Boogie, and Rapid Fire!! Sharing the bill were three great bands: Mothertrucker, Treah, and Rat Salad, a satanically malicious Sabbath tribute band fronted by who else?...Tom 5!! Some nights later She Wolves cause a scene at The Scene in Glendale. A great hang and a totally fun evening. Fuzztone friends swung by to cheer on their East Coast lupine pals. Huge thanks to Jason for the fabulous hook-up!! Another awesome time was had by all at Anarchy Library, a cool as fuck bar with glittery flamed walls and an authentic punk vibe. The Wolves played and hung out at the Library with buddies Blare Bitch Project and Fat Nancy featuring notorious frontman Alex Mitchell (Circus of Power) and take-no-prisoners axe wielder Steg (School of Violence) both of whom left gaping holes when they split the NYC scene. It would be remiss not to mention that the Anarchy Library sports what must be the most glorious Ladies Room any female road dog has ever had the pleasure of utilizing. One can tap their weary, underpaid, overwrought kidneys in plush retro boudoir-like surroundings then bust out the door and nary two feet away play your motherfuckin' ass off. Glamourous movie star luxury amidst old school punk rock splendor all at an affordable price (that ain't something you see every day in this line of work). Before heading back to the grimmer overcast reality that is the Lower East Side, She Wolves had one last & final LA gig, taking a farewell chomp outta The Roxy for a tiny taste of the big time. What a fuckin' thrill!! SHE WOLVES name in lights!!! An actual curtain that goes up and down!!! A real stage!!! Not to mention...shitloads of Neon!!! No joke, it was amazing to play there. Tons of gratitude to all our friends, old & new for taking time out to help, lend stuff, support us, show us around, and just hang out... Howie Pyro, Tom 5,, Lemmy, Texas Terri, Michael Sticca, Frank Infante, Steve Garbarino, Blare Bitch, Punky, John, Alex, Steg, Big Mama Freak Andrea, Rudi Protrudi, Becky Wreck, Riad, Stella B. Zotis, Roy Mayorga, Yael, Tia Sprocket, Danny Nordahl, The Migster, Michael Schmidt, Uncle Al & Ligia, and the biggest thanks of all goes to great friend Laurie Es for inviting us and making the whole thing possible!!! We love you all!!!

Fall/Winter 2004

Now that Election day has come and gone we're left (very left) to ponder during the next 4 years who is more out of their minds: Dumbya & company or half the country? Nonetheless, we ain't giving up that easily. While these scary fuckin' idiots consult their imaginary friend for the next phase of Jesusland Uber Alles, She Wolves will be pushing forward, louder, angrier and more ravenously heathenistic than ever. Better watch out little sheep! The past few months have been pivotal for She Wolves as they took to the stage debuting the new line up at Arlenes Grocery with other NYC diehards such as Bombshell, New Professionals and The Resistants. Then another show in October with the unique talents of Lady Unluck (such charming young lasses), Devil Kit, Motorpsychos, Broadzilla and The Shocker. Lotsa outta control chicks inciting frenzy and tearin' the place apart. It was an incredible night!! other news She Wolves have finally recorded their cut for the Fuzztones comp, and what better song to cover than "Heathen Set"? Accompanied by the lovely Deb O'Nair on keys it is absolutely as wicked as you'd expect. She Wolves also played along side the bewitching Jayne County for a rousing rendition of "You Tarzan, Me Jayne" (produced by Paul Kostabi) for the same compilation. Incidentally, You can catch She Wolves opening for Jayne and headliner "The Voluptuos Horror of Karen Black" at BB Kings in Times Square on January 18th. Later that there's a riot goin' on over on the Left Coast when the Wolves are headed out to LA for what's shapin' up to be a blowout tour with some great bands and equally great old friends. Very special thanks extended to Laurie Es for hooking us up. So, "Hey, dude..." see ya there.

October 2004

RIP Cedric Cavarroc a.k.a Motorcedrichead a.k.a Bad Mongo

It is with great sadness that we bid our final farewell to Cedric Cavarroc who passed away October 27, 2004. Cedric was an intense and passionate person. A talented writer, friend and supporter who we met last summer when we played Fantomas in Toulouse, France. He recently reviewed She Wolves in Dig It Fanzine #32 and we were looking forward to seeing him again on our next trip over. We will miss him and extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Adieu Cedric, we wish peace on your soul.

Two poems CEDRIC CAVARROC wrote around this time last year:

Car je suis le vampire
Je cisèle mes mots
De manière hypnotique
Pour que tombe en mes bras
Des lolitas fragiles
Reclus, solitaire,
Tout au fond de ma crypte
Pour elles je décrypte
Toutes mes névroses
Car je suis le vampire
Avide de leur chair
Leur âme, leur amour,
Et leur dernier soupir

( no title)
Ici tout est calme,
Nous sommes uniques, montagnes, plein
Quand à la trainée d'une étoile
Nous découvrons soudain nos brêches,
Et cet étrange firmament,
Glacé et vide
Nous empêche
L'accès au paradis des cons!

Summer 2004

Big news in Land of the She Wolves. The inimitable and unrivalled Gyda Gash has joined She Wolves on bass!!! You can read about Notorious Gyda Gash infecting the NYC Punk scene in the scummy manifesto "Please Kill Me". In recent years she joined (dark) forces with ex-White Zombie's Tom Five in his band Angel Rot as a bassist. The Angel Rot sound was distinct and disturbing. What can this mean for the She Wolves? Come listen and find out when they bust outta hibernation this fall. Bigger, better and more menacing than ever before, you'll wanna keep those ears on "High Alert" and prepare for sonic annihilation. "Jayne County Meets The She Wolves" Part Deux: Tony, Gyda & Donna have just finished up two more red-hot songs with Jayne County, produced by number one fave, Paul Kostabi. Hence, another Jayne County original classic is born. "Picture Perfect" is a catty-clawed, raw rocker that'll have you Shakin' & Bakin' all over the place "and we helped!" The flip-side "Seymour" will transport the listener through a trippy, psychosis inducing, knocked-up knock-off of "Gloria" once brought to you by "Them"... this time it's brought to you by "Us". In this tune you'll hear a darker side of Jayne, with stream of consciousness so unsettling & electrifying it's guaranteed to please. You need to get your paws on it as soon as it's released! Check here often to see what exciting labels will be putting out these very collectable cuts (and if anyone reading this has an exciting label that is interested in releasing these in your very own territory you can contact She Wolves directly at this site). One last detail: A big "Grazie" must go out to Friend of She Wolves, Max Contigiani guitarist of the awesome band from Italy, "Loose" (with whom She Wolves had the pleasure of touring with twice). While visiting NYC, Max graciously lent use of "le mani" and you can hear him clap with Jayne and the Wolves throughout "Picture Perfect"...but that's not all he can do! Check out a great interview Max just gave on the I-94 website. ( He tells all about his band "Loose". It's definitely worth reading. And for some more great reading go directly to as She Wolves will soon be reviewed by Cedric Cavarroc in the ultra-cool fanzine "Dig It" from Toulouse, France. By the way, it should be mentioned that Toulouse is undoubtedly one of the funnest, most outta-control towns She Wolves has ever played so they vow to go back and make more mayhem with the Toulousians on their next European tour.

Other great scenes are on the horizon...for instance, She Wolves will proudly be contributing to an upcoming Fuzztones compilation. Lotsa great bands will be paying homage on this, so it should be pretty incredible. She Wolves will also be primally accompanying "Thee Amazing" Kenne Highland & his Vatican Sex Kittens with backing howls on "Howl of the She Wolves" which is on their upcoming CD later this month!!! More details on both these things as they occur........anyway, enough of this third person shit:

GET READY TO HOWL!!!! You got something to say to us? There is now an official She Wolves Message Board!!! Get on there to rant, rave, speak out or freak out in our new, spacious & sleek cyber den. But remember, even though we've been fictionalized by our own legendary, larger than life personas, we actually do exist and will probably run into you (or after you) sooner or at your own risk.

April 2004

She Wolves are now finishing up their new CD "Shaky at Best" (thanks to writer/photographer/human oracle Robert Barry Francos for helping us divine this very fitting title) Produced and engineered by Paul Kostabi, it will soon be released on Art Monkey Records. Visit their website to see video clips of She Wolves live at CBGB (featuring special guests Gass Wild, Lady Unluck and Paul Kostabi on guitar!!) In other big news, She Wolves have just finished recording a 7" single with the legendary Jayne County covering Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles" ( re-vamped with Jayne's spot-on lyrics replacing subject "Jerry Brown" with that overpumped, pea-brained imbecile "Guvvenah Ahnold"). Flipside is "Shrink and Shrivel" a retro-twangy apocalyptic Jayne County original. Fascism is never in fashion and this single (pressed in green vinyl) is a must-have. Produced by Paul Kostabi,soon to be out on German label Trash 2001.

January/February/March 2004

Frozen little She Wolves go into reverse hibernation and leave the pack to heat things up with some other wild bands...Tony Mann has been hard at work bangin' away at them congas and making beautifully seductive sounds with Mad Juana (fronted by the stunning Karmen Guy) In addition Tony plays on The Willowz track "Something" which is featured in the Michel Gondry directed movie " Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind " ( starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet ) and is also on the soundtrack. And if that isn't enough he also sang lead vocals and played drums on the song "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey "on the CD "It Was 40 Years Ago Today " available at while you're at that site shopping for your Art Monkey essentials you can also pick up Tony's solo CD "The Strange World Of Tony Wolfmann" ...whew, James Brown move over! In the meantime Donna's been getting in touch with her inner Keef, playing in "Some Girls" NYC's greatest all-female (almost) Stones tribute band. She also had a stint as a "Wood Nymph" for one evening at Frank Wood's Hooternanny which took place at Pussycat Lounge. Playing rock-a-billy and "cuntry" gee-tar alongside multi-talented bassist Lani Ford and the very slamming Mary Katherine Hogan on drums with a bevy of larks fronting: Pam Grande, Karmen Guy, Lisa McQuade, Patti Rothberg, Jinx Lynx, Lisa Ludwig, Karen Hudson...all were fantastic, all looked hot as hell, check 'em out at Frank's website . The lone She Wolf was also invited to jam on Daddy Rollin' Stone (Johnny-style) with Gass Wild and his Love Pirates on two intoxicating occasions...thanks a lot guys, always a pleasure.

New Year's Eve

She Wolves hit the road with Sylvain Sylvain once again to usher in another year of musical mayhem at the Corktown Tavern in Hamilton, Ontario. Local legends (as well as international) such as Gord Lewis from Teenage Head and Forgotten Rebel's Mickey DeSadist jumped up to help Syl and the Wolves with a song or two. It was an unforgettable night exploding with fiery energy. Magnificent bands on the bill ....The Lorrainas, Riot Star and Panty Christ. Other stops on the Canadian mini-tour included Bovine Sex Club in Toronto, Call the Office in London and a momentous return to Avalon Front in Windsor. Great music, cool people, beer and hockey. Canada rules!!!

November 2003

Fri 11/6 After only a few days rest from the Halloween weekend shows in Canada with Sylvain Sylvain, She Wolves were off again, this time to Boston to play at the record release party for Kenne Highland and the Vatican Sex Kittens. The Sex Kittens have an amazing new cd called "Be More Flamboyant", and the party was already at fever pitch when the She Wolves rolled in to hear Boston's bubblegum sluts Sugabomb onstage raging through "Highway Star". She Wolves hit the stage next and delivered a bourbon-soaked 1-2 knockout, and Donna and Laura stayed onhand to help out during the Sex Kittens set on backup vocals. Of course they played "Howl of the She Wolf" and the Abbey Lounge tribute "Not Too Shabbey at the Abbey". Holy Shit! And closing out the night in garage rock style was Lady Kensington and the Beat Lords, who had everyone dancing like mad till last call.

Mon 11/3 Although the original travel itinerary had the band well on it's way home this day, reality finds them shopping the second hand stores in Hamilton, buying new boots for Tony and Laura, and recording spots and interview segments for an online radio station called This online musical force is the baby of Colin Shannon and a guy who only answers to Fearless Leader. Having been herbaciously mood modified upon arrival, the attempts by our rubberlipped musicians to properly enunciate the station name when recording the spots turned uproarious quickly. Look for this material to be in rotation on around the holidays.

Sun 11/2 A quiet rock'n'roll dinner party at the Double Hell loft in Hamilton. Though technically a sending-off party for Sylvain and the She Wolves, the band won't actually wind up leaving town until Tuesday afternoon. The evening is passed with members of Poisoned Aeros, The Lorrainas, Riotstar, and Mickey DeSadist from Forgotten Rebels dropping by.   Beers are opened, guitars are strummed, fine conversation ensues. Once again, it's another velvet morning before everyone concerned heads home to bed.

Sat 11/1 So what's the Halloween Fun Squad supposed to do on The Day After? Sushi brunch, baby, sushi brunch! Kick start the afternoon with a good protein blast, and then head to the fine city of Windsor, Ontario, where Sylvain Sylvain and the She Wolves were playing at the Avalon Front. The opening band is called Somatose, they're from Windsor, and they really rocked out with a heavy sound and a singer who is in touch with his inner Iggy. Syl and the She Wolves played a full set of Syl's solo tunes plus a bunch of New York Dolls songs, which left the audience howling for two encores. Cheers to Tony, the manager of Avalon, and his bartenders for a great night!

October/Halloween 2003

Sat 10/4 The Pussycat Lounge, the beloved downtown dive so long known for it's bar top girlie attractions, has a new room where promoter Frank Wood does the thing he does best: Rock'n'Roll!! She Wolves had the pleasure of sharing the evening there with illustrious acts such as the Memphis Morticians, the Wanda Jackson 5, and Kid Congo Powers. Afterward, the mighty entertainment juggernaut known as Hooternanny got rolling, with Blind Pharaohs backing a bevy of hot singers performing country and rockabilly tunes. Donna tore through "Tear It Up" on guitar and vocals and had the audience screaming for more. Chicks with pasties and little thongs downstairs, chicks with guitars and big voices upstairs = win/win.

Sun 10/5 Otto's Shrunken Head celebrated it's one year anniversary in style. She Wolves played a cocktail hour set while proprietor Steve Pang rewarded devotees of Otto's with an open bar and free munchies. Needless to say the night achieved a full head of steam early on and climaxed with the raffle of the 1966 Ford Galaxy 500. Congrats to lucky winner Bill Nolan, who'll be cruising in style from now on, and to Steve and everyone at Otto's for the first of many years of boozey, late-nite, rockin' fun!

Sat 10/11 Gray vs Blue 2003: A North-South Battle of the Bands rumbled into town at the Union Pool in Brooklyn for an all-day, all-night blowout. Coordinated by Sean Kershaw of the Blind Pharaohs, G vs B '03 kept two stages plus an after-hours party hopping from mid-afternoon till dawn the next day. Confederates and Yankees alike played their asses off, and in the end there were no losers, just drunk fired-up rockers. Cheers to everyone who shared this musical marathon with the She Wolves, including the Candy Snatchers, Wanda Jackson 5, Jimmy and the Teasers, Barnyard Playboys, Goons, Snake Charmers, Disruptors, Satan's Teardrops, Tremors, Pistolwhippers, Bad Checks, Dragstrip Syndicate, Leadfoot, Lords of the Highway, Buzzards, Deviltones, Sean and the Blind Pharaohs, and all the folks in the audience whose enthusiasm sparked the energy to keep the show going for 12 hours. See you in '04!

Tue 10/21 The place: She Wolves rehearsal. The event: a jam session with the illustrious Sylvain Sylvain. After seeing the former New York Doll perform at the benefit for Joy Rider at CBGB just a couple nights earlier, drummer Tony Mann invited Sylvain to hang out with the She Wolves and verse the gang on the finer points of both the Dolls repertoire and his own impressive arsenal of solo songs. Well, sparks flew and magic was made, and the next thing She Wolves knew they found themselves in a recording studio...

Wed 10/22 The Place: Paul Kostabi's Court Metrage Studio. The event: Recording "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" with Sylvain for a Ramones tribute compilation. In a mere 6 hours from start to finish Paul had the sparks and magic committed to tape. In fact, the Sylvain Sylvain and the She Wolves version of "Sheena" was so damn good that two final versions were cut with two different endings. Once is never enough! And as everyone knows, a good recording session is best followed by a good drinking session, where folks can bask in the afterglow of creativity and where thoughts naturally turn to the future, which in this case happened to involve packing bags and crossing borders...

Thu 10/23 But not before saying Happy Birthday to Bob Gruen. Sylvain and the She Wolves were on hand (along with most of the rock'n'roll world that was in close enough proximity to get to the party) to wish the rock photographer the best . Black and White on E. 10th St. was packed with revelers, some of whom hadn't seen each other in ages. Sighted before the candles blew out were Giorgio Gomelsky, Lydia Criss, Allison Gordy, Leee Childers, Peter Jordan, Tony Machine, Anton Fig and Bill Aucoin. Toasts were drank, butts were pinched, and the crowd stayed thick and merry until the wee hours.

Tue 10/28 Sylvain and the She Wolves head north in Syl's car to Hamilton, Ontario, to spend a couple of days relaxing and rehearsing before shows that weekend. Arriving 10 hours later at the amazing loft headquarters of Double Hell Mgmt, our intrepid travelers are taken care of by Lou Molinaro and Buckshot Bebee of Double Hell. Lou (with his radio show of C101.5FM) and Buckshot (with her band Poisoned Aeros) are at the creative gut of the music and art scene in Hamilton, and their loft is the epicenter of activity for the weekends Halloween events. Over the next two days an huge array of artists and musicians come through the loft on their way to or from Halloween errands. She Wolves get in more rehearsal time with Syl to an audience of friends sewing costumes and making props. There's an appearance on Lou's radio show and another interview with Ric Taylor on CFMU, (20) and then it's...

Fri 10/31 Halloween, and Hamilton is READY!! Club Underground is decorated to the ghastly nines, and it's packed with all kinds of devils, zombies, vampires and otherworldly sorts, including a drag nun and a guy dressed like a mushroom. Laura and Donna are fiendish rag dolls (more so than usual) and Tony and Syl are glamourpuss dolls (as always) and every one is set to rock. The first band of the evening, The Lorrainas, are like a female Ramones in fetish wear with a sexy dark energy. A Costume Contest follows next with Donna and Laura asked to select two of the contestants from the crowd. Both of their selections (a frighteningly real Duff Man who even SOUNDED like Duff Man, and a totally sizzling hot Devil Girl) were superb. In the end Devil Girl won the prize, and Donna was heard to proudly note that her contestants had represented two of her favorite things in life: beer and satan...

And that set the stage for the grand entrance of Buckshot Bebee and the Poisoned Aeros, who had transformed themselves into the Bride of Frankenstein and a cadre of top hat wearing ghouls. Celebrating the release of their new cd called "Turbulence", Buckshot and the gang gave the crowd a great set of songs from the record. Sylvain joined them at the end to crank out a half dozen or so songs from his famous repertoire, and then an unrehearsed intra-band segue saw the Poisoned Aeros pass off guitars and drums to the She Wolves. She Wolves jammed with Sylvain till the house lights were up and the cops were on the way, and the ghastly gang of tipsy demons and monsters were on every note. When the club finally closed the whole party moved back to the Double Hell HQ. From here details become sketchy, though reports of late night decadence and raucous revelry are corroborated...

September 2003

Fri 9/26 After a whole summer away from the dirty mayhem of the Rotten Apple, She Wolves were back with a bang at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn for one of their regular down-and-dirty punk'n'roll nights. Gettin' messy with them was the fabulous NY Wrecks, whose MC5 style soul pounding performance had the crowd screaming, and Black Flamingo, who offered a gentler yet equally intense show. She Wolves ripped through their well-oiled tour set and topped it off with a medley of Ramones covers. It was so much fun it's surprising it wasn't illegal.

August 2003

Even a dog needs a break sometimes, and She Wolves spent the dog days of August seaside sitting, just smoking and drinking... Bottom's up, kids!

July 2003

Fri 7/26 Never was there a dull moment at the birthday triple-header bash for Jayne County, Leee Black Childers, and She Wolves drummer Tony Wolf Mann. Don Hill's was jammed for Jayne's awesome 2 AM set with the best looking crowd seen on the rock'n'roll scene for ages. But it wasn't just all high hair and high heels; other highlights were the Lucky Stars, who played a ripping round of awesome covers. Plus the Star Spangles got it on with with their New York-by-way-of-English-trousers rock. She Wolves kicked some serious ass both on and off stage that night (you know who you are) and the music and merriment went on till closing time. If you missed it this year, you can only wait 365 or so days to catch the mayhem next year!

It's site update month, and there's already lots of new stuff to check out! Following is a roundup of the highlights (and some of the low-lifes) of the She Wolves European tour last month. There's also dozens of new photos in the Gallery, AVI's to watch of all sorts of on-the-road hi-jinks, three new songs to hear from the She Wolves recording sessions with Paul Kostabi, plus new links to really cool clubs, promoters, and other creative forces in Europe and the UK. Whew! Can you handle it??!!

June 2003

You'd think after blazing a path through Europe from Rome to London the She Wolves would be three tired puppies, but no siree! After 14 shows in three countries, She Wolves are home in NYC with a fistful of tour stories and more ready to rock than ever.

But first and foremost, many thanks go out to Paolo Visci, the intrepid Italian booking agent who started the tour with slamming shows in some of Italy's coolest locales, and to Sergio and his roadworthy camper Charlene, who saw the band through the many Italian kilometers that were logged. Club Plastico in Teramo was a blast, with Serial Creepers starting the night with a knockout blast of punk-pop a la the Buzzcocks and the Ramones. The second night of the tour found the two bands together on the bill in Pescara at the lovely yard-party-come-club called Coffeshop. She Wolves shared the stage with Motorama at the l'Aquila gig at La Gare, and were way into this female duo's guitar and drums attack. And in Latina at Heaven Club, Bone Machine helped give the audience what they craved with a dose of heavy rock-a-billy.

After a day off to enjoy the beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea, it was onto Tolentino. There She Wolves played with the amazing Valentines. Valentina, Mars, JJ, and Matt have a no bullshit, NYC-in-'77 style to their songs, like a Blondie for the new millennium. The last two shows in Italy were played with She Wolves amicis, Loose. Enough good stuff can't be said about Massimo, Luca, Andrea, and Vincenzo's motorcity style musical left hook that rocked the outdoor gig at the amazingly beautiful Bosco Albergati the first night, and the El Paso squat in Torino the second. Cheers to all the people at El Paso, especially Mario, and those amazing sound people!! After a couple days off for R and R on the Italian and French Rivieras, it was on to Montpellier for the first She Wolves show ever in France. Jean-Claude of Julie Production was the host with the most, and Bar de la Pleine Lune was a seething, sweaty mass of rabid rock fans for She Wolves and local girl noise punks One More Season. New York City film maker Athena Kurry joined the tour at this gig to document the next two weeks of madness night and day for her upcoming cinematic release, and Marc Guibbert memorialized the night in his awesome photographs. Then it was no sleep till Toulouse, where promoter Speedy and the hardcore band ARRACH had club Le Fantomas raring to go. A completely unhinged audience stayed long after the music stopped and partied into the wee hours. Next stop was Angouleme, one of those hilltop medieval fortress towns that is as hopelessly confusing to drive in as it is beautiful. Huge thanks to Antoine Marchand, without whose help the band would still be searching for the club. And what a club it is! Le Mars Attack not only had some of the best sound, lights, and stage of the whole tour, but promoter Nico and his crew knew what the word "hospitality" really mean, big time! Sharing the stage with She Wolves that night was In The Electric Mist. Nicolas, Flourent, Gilles and Pierre play cow-punk that puts your head and your heart in the southwest of America. In Bordeaux two nights later, She Wolves were interviewed by a news team doing a segment on international culture. No doubt the interview, given by Laura and Tony in Franglais, will amuse and/or horrify Francophones everywhere. The gig in Bordeaux was at Zoo Bizarre with raucous punksters Donald Washington, and angry guitar duo Hot Flowers. Much thanks to Alex at Zoo Bizarre for making that night rock. After a day off in Bordeaux, which included a much-deserved paella feast at the Don Camillo, the band acquired two chauffeurs: the thoroughly madcap duo of Matt and Dimitri. The rest of France would be conquered in their massive 7-seater cargo van, but not before a stop in Cognac to taste (what else?) cognac. Thankfully the band had left Bordeaux somewhat on time, and the hour spent acquiring a first-rate buzz didn't set them off schedule too much. Arriving in La Rochelle, She Wolves played at La Casamance with Les Betes de Scene (a furious combination of multi-effected bass guitar and heavy drumming) and Sheer Aches (Buddy Holly inspired rock-a-billy.) Thanks to Ben and Matthieu for doing just one more show this season! And then it was on to Rennes and Mondo Bizarro, where Bruno Perrin made the band welcome, and She Wolves performed with Les Femmes (who, despite the name, are one fabulous chanteuse backed up by 3 guys.) Lionel from 442eme Records made an appearance and partied the evening away. The hour of midnight sounded the commence of Laura's birthday, and Bruno responded with flaming shots of some still unidentified liquor. In honor of She Wolves last night in France, and despite the grueling day of travel to the UK that would greet them at day break, festivities went on until the bar closed. Day did break, rather unforgivingly, at 7 that morning. Chauffeurs Matt and Dimitri sped She Wolves to their ferry in Cherbourg, arriving just in time for kisses and "a bientots" before She Wolves clamored aboard and watched France slip away in the distance. Well. All that rushing around to arrive at the boat and sit around for several hours. What's a hungover band that hasn't slept in the midst of the bass player's birthday to do?? Book itself into Club Class, complete with champagne service, of course sweetie darling! Arriving in London several hours later, She Wolves were met by the guys in London's most awesome power-chord pop band Plastic Heroes: Marc, Rocco, and Simon. It was just about time to load out for that night's gig at The Fusilier and Firkin in Camden. Several bands were on the bill that night, including Plastic Heroes, who played their popsmart set as a trio. As She Wolves took the stage, it was discovered that the night was running hideously behind schedule, and, because of the ridiculous pub hours that are adhered to in those regions, the She Wolves set had to be shortened to only 15 minutes! Always a band to compromise (so long as they get their way) She Wolves played their entire set in 18 minutes, breaking all former records for absurdly fast song tempos. The audience was riveted, aware that if they blinked, whole songs would pass them by. Much thanks to sound man Max for his sense of humor. The next night found the band playing in Birmingham at The Jug of Ale with Plastic Heroes and Fake Wray. (As the bands pulled in, Donna realized she had seen the pub in a dream, and went on to accurately describe the interior before she went inside. Cue spooky music here!) Fake Wray started the show with their awesome melodic glammy rock, Plastic Heroes supplied more of their ballsey pop, and She Wolves slammed through their punk-a-billy repertoire at a slightly more leisurely pace than the previous evening. The bands then retired to the beautiful Birmingham residence of Plastic Heroes bass player Simon. A few days off in London followed, with She Wolves enjoying much shopping in Camden, a fine breakfast at the home of rocker-gal Nicole, and a walking tour of historic London rock'n'roll spots guided by the fabulous tour-master Brian. The final date of the She Wolves spring 2003 tour went up at the Buffalo Bar beneath the Famous Cock. DJ Scratchy (spinner of discs on many of the early Clash tours) set the atmosphere for the evening with the coolest songs from every band you'd ever want to hear a dj play. First up onstage was Bugwig, a country punk ensemble who really woke the audience up. Next She Wolves raged through their well-oiled set for the last time on that side of the ocean for a while, and as they retired for after-show drinks, Cheerleader took the stage and closed the night with their duel-guitar-and-vocals attack. Many cocktails with promoter Ben and the London contingent followed, assuring the band hearty hangovers as they unwillingly trudged to Heathrow airport the next day for the return to New York City. Next tour, they promised themselves, will be twice as long and visit twice as many cities! She Wolves would like to send very special thanks to Christine Jouin for making so much possible in France; Massimo Contigiani, who truly has the motorcity in his blood; ALL THE BANDS we played with (especially the ones who let us borrow amplifiers and drums!); ALL THE PROMOTERS who either already knew us or who took a chance on us; and most importantly, ALL THE AUDIENCES who rocked the nights away with She Wolves. YOU RULE!!!

May 2003

5/16 The rockingest spot in New York City that night was Otto's Shrunken Head! Under a full moon the tiki drinks were flowing and the musical mojo was in the air! The Scared Stiffs started the evening's show with a set of spook-a-billy punk that got the audience bopping. Love those grass skirts, boys! She Wolves kept the spirits high as they cruised through many of the songs they'll be wooing European audiences with next month. And as a surprise finale, DJ Scratchy, all the way from jolly-good London, England, jumped up onstage and joined She Wolves for a rousing version of Iggy's "Wanna Be Your Dog". It doesn't get more fun that! Well, not with your clothes on, anyhow.

April 2003

4/10 The Upper East Side got down and dirty with She Wolves when they rolled into Hogs and Heifers East. When Donna, Laura and Tony weren't rockin' the brassieres off the walls, bartender Whitney took a break from dispensing the libations to dance a bar-top shit-kickin' two-step. Boy, oh boy, do the boys like her! Rick Blaze, on hand from Boston, and the illustrious Johnny Black joined the She Wolves encore to lend their vocal prowess to a ripping version of the New York Dolls' "Trash". Then Rick took the stage backed by Cathy Peter's souped-up hotrod band Musclecah. After careening through a set of high-octane punk rock (including a slamming G.G. Allin cover) Rick and Cathy's entourage headed back north, while the She Wolves contingency headed downtown to Motor City to spend the rest of the night appreciating the local wildlife (domestic Buds and Wild Turkeys).

4/18 Everyone needs a good, old fashioned head banging once in a while, and that's what folks got at Don Hill's on this particular night. She Wolves got their crunch on with Animal, the new band featuring ex-WASP guys Chris Holmes and Randy Piper. The show was ferocious tour de force of guitar fury, and the party afterward was equally raging. There were photos taken of the night, but they have somehow mysteriously disappeared... She Wolves patiently await the blackmail letter.

4/21 She Wolves took to the recording studio with Paul Kostabi to lay down tracks for three songs for their upcoming album. Captured for posterity in all their glory are the Cramps-y raunch of "Razor Clam", the rock-a-billy gem "Let's get Loaded", and "A Night in Riyadh", a thundering instrumental you can feel free to make up your own words to.

March 2003

3/15 Beware the Ides of March, because this year it meant an awesome party at Otto's Shrunken Head. Comedienne Carla Rhodes started the evening with hilarious one liners and had the audience screaming by the time Keith Richards made his appearance. OK, this Keith Richards was Carla's puppet, but boy was he anatomically correct! He had both the cigarette hanging off his mouth AND the baggie of unspecified white powder clutched in his hand. And he definitely had Keith's attitude! She Wolves did their second video projection/live rock show, this time with a Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!! theme. Javi B. joined in on saxophone throughout the set, making songs like "Razor Clam" sound extra dirty. The room was steamy, sweaty and smokey by the time they were closing the set with Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll", but no matter: Jayne County was up next on the turntables. Electrifying the room with an amazing repertoire of multi-decade rock, Jayne kept the room hot for hours and looked so cool doing it! Meanwhile, everyone wished a bon voyage to Dave Rosner when he moves to France next week, and Donna's homemade For-He's-The-Jolly-Good-Fellow cupcakes were gobbled up as a toast. Then the Slut Puppy dj's (Laura, Donna and Tony as their own dj alter-egos) took over for the final stretch of the evening, bringing it all home with more great music as the wee hours got big.

February 2003

2/1 Just can't wait to mention the 'international honky-tonk' that went down at Hank's Saloon. She Wolves hosted a get-together for some great bands from near and far.

The evening started with Brooklyn's E. Snedly, a supersonic solo machine that night, with guitar-shredding stripped-down versions of his awesome songs. Next up She Wolves played some of their brain-damaged psychobilly punk to get the evening's corruption going full tilt.

Then, Kenne Highland and the Vatican Sex Kittens rolled in from Boston to rip through their new number 'Howl of the She Wolf' (with Laura and Donna on backup vocals, of course) and about 15 other rock'n'soul gems. Karen Curious and her band New Professionals gave a passionate and melodic performance, and Plastic Heroes, in town from London, closed the night with four part vocal harmonies and a crunchy pop-garage sound. Cheers to Ian the sound guy for keeping it all together, and to the audience that ventured to Hank's from all over.

2/14 The meatpacking district was even more romantic than usual and love was in the air at the God's Love We Deliver Valentine's Day benefit at Rare. Hosted by Lisa Ludwig and Frank Wood, the night had raffles and prizes, cupcakes and sex toys, hot babes of both genders, and a slew of great bands.

Mad Juana did their gypsy torchlight cabaret, Plastic Heroes rocked hard on their last night in NYC before returning to jolly London, and She Wolves let the audience have it right in the heart. You know, like Cupid. All in all it was a long night of dirty raucous fun for a really great cause.

January 2003

She Wolves in Vogue!!! Well, our t-shirt is, anyhow. 'Japanese Vogue' featured one of their hot models perfectly slouching in a She Wolves "Punkus Maximus" t-shirt. You too can be internationally stylish in a She Wolves t-shirt, just drop us an e-mail and tell us what you want. Each shirt is silk screened individually by Donna and Laura personally, so special orders are welcome, from girlie tanks to XL baseball shirts!

1/11 The 'Punk Magazine party' for John Holmstroms birthday at Pyramid was a blast. The Bullys played a great set, dj Mary Anne spun supreme, and the downstairs lounge was deliciously warm and smokey on a freezing winter night.

1/17 Sweaty and smokey was the Iggy Pop tribute night at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn. A fantastic lineup of bands including Mongrel Bitch with Laura on bass, and Angel Rot with Tony on drums played with raw shake appeal power. The audience had a real cool time. Enough said.

December 2002:

12/21 She Wolves hosted a pack of pagans at the Surfin' Solstice Party at Otto's Shrunken Head. Athena Kurry and Denny Daniel provided the visual ambiance for the evening, projecting surf and other cool videos on the band during the show. Check out the mpeg video clips of the psychedelic surf versions of Chupacabras and Let's Get Loaded, featuring balloon assault and Donna's highly coveted Hank III T-shirt ...autographed by Shelton himself!!!

Much thanks to guest dj Lisa Brown, who kept everyone rocking through the longest night of the year.

The next time you're in Sens, France, tune in to FM 94.5 to hear Lionel from 442eme rue Records spinning songs off the She Wolves ep on his radio show. She Wolves will be included on the next 442eme rue Records compilation, coming this spring.

The She Wolves ep is out! 5 punk as fuck songs you can sample here. The cd opens with "Art of War" featuring guest vocals by Jimmy G. of Murphy's Law and lead guitar by Shigenori Matsumoto from Suicide King and The Hip Nips. Three other rocking She Wolves originals follow, plus a tasty cover of "Trash" by the New York Dolls. What are you waiting for, e-mail for your copy!

The Tartufo Tour 2002 in Italy was a success, not to mention lots of fun. She Wolves shared the stage with some amazing bands. Take a stroll through the photo gallery of beautiful people and places that make up the punk side of Italy. See the mpeg video clip of drummer Tony "Wolf" Mann doing his thing in Pescara.

November 2002:


WE COME, WE SEE, WE RAWK!!! (& eat tartufo) CIAO, BABIES!!!!!!



Civitnova Marche
11/15/02 Kreis Club Montesilvano (Pescara)
11/16/02 Jazz Rock Rieti
11/17/02 Zazerkalje Rome
11/18/02 A DAY OFF We're goin' to Milan to see "Queens Of The Stone Age!!!!
11/19/02 MAMA MIA! ANOTHER DAY OFF! Guess we will be drinking vino rosso and eating more " you know what"
11/20/02 Live Ancona
11/21/02 Notorius Teramo
11/22/02 Area 51 Riccione
11/23/02 TPO Bologna

This site is still in progress...11/2- We just did the Alice Cooper tribute at HANK'S SALOON. IT WAS AWESOME- Tony was "ALICE" and Gass from Love Pirates accompanied us on drums.Everyone in each band played like they were sick in the head, the Coop would've been proud. He WAS invited but apologized for not being able to make it as he is embarking on his European tour.... We've also played some great dates recently at the Abbey Lounge in Boston with Kenne Highland & the Vatican Sex Kittens who rocked the fuck out. Then we played the always fun "Ralphs" again with our new buds, K.H.& the kitties, along with Ballbusters who kicked ASS and....the molto magnifico Valentines from Bologna who are fucking amazing!!!! We will be playing in Italy 11/12-11/25 with our friends the LOOSE, a molto fantastico band that invited us over(see dates above). We finally got our CD's in so if you are interested & want to book us, sign us, feed us, send cash or buy us drinks send an email to :

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